Clogged Kitchen Sink with Garbage Disposal? How to Solve Quickly with 3 Easy Fixes! - by DIYNate

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today on diy nate i'll be showing you

three quick and easy ways to handle what

appears to be a clogged garbage disposal

in your kitchen sink i start with a gem

disposal fix then move into solving for

clogged pipes i go in what i consider to

be the easiest to more complex fix order

first i'll show you the allen wrench fix

followed by a plunger method and finally

i'll briefly touch on opening up the

pipes i hope you find these tips helpful

and it gets your sink and disposal

humming again today on diy me we are

showing you how to fix a clogged garbage

disposal this is a common issue a lot of

people face and a lot of people know how

to do it it usually will include a tool