Why is crashing?

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ladies and gentlemen this video is being

recorded on January 24 2023 and the game

of chess has literally never been more

popular than it is right now it is so

popular in fact that it is crashing servers on a daily basis in

this video I am going to take you

through exactly why the chess boom is

happening I'm going to explain to you

why the servers are crashing

based on a statement that they put out

and at the end of the video I will share

personal analytics from my own YouTube

dashboard things that you never see and

these will explain to you why so many

people are getting into chess right now

if you're a returning viewer hi welcome

back you know me if you don't know me

I'm Levy or also known as Gotham chess

let's talk about the chess boom all

right it's gonna be a short video I'm

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