How to fix Fifa 23 not launching after new update

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hey guys back with another video so

today I'm going to be showing you like a

way to fix FIFA like when it when you

try to launch it it just doesn't launch

but it can say like running and steam

but then it just won't work at all like

doesn't show up like the anti-chi or

whatever and you might be thinking that

I'm just gonna do this like uninstall

this and then reinstall that used to

work but with this new update that just

came out doesn't work anymore

so I'm going to be showing you guys a

new fix so you're just gonna go in your


go to your this PC your drive

program files and then find Scheme

and go find steam apps common

and then go on your FIFA 23 so now

you're gonna find these two EA anti-g

game service launcher and the DLo so

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