Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus | How to speed up your Android phone

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hi guys over here and recently I updated

my s9 anyway sluggish for some reason so

it's doing some research online and

stuff and this is what you need to do if

you have the same problem so to update

your phone all you do is you go into the

settings and you just search for

software update and that will bring you

to the actual menu you select it install

the update if there is one obviously and

you just restart your phone as normal

the problem is sometimes the phone gets

luggage for whatever reason I'm not sure

the technicality behind it and you need

to do some extra things this is what I

did to solve my problem okay so the

first thing you do is you power off your

phone and then this configuration is

only for the s9 so you'll have to find

the button configuration for whatever

phone you have once the phone is off

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