How to Repair a Fluorescent Light that Flickers

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hi my name is Robert heard an owner of

West Oak style and today we're going to

show you how to repair a flickering

fluorescent light okay so when you have

a flickering fluorescent light 99% of

the time it's because one of the lights

is about to burn down and so what you're

going to need to do is you're going to

need to get up on your ladder and remove

the cover so you can get to the

fluorescent tubes once you get to the

fluorescent tubes what you want to do is

look for the one that looks burned out

to replace it if there is some light you

may only need to replace one two three

or four depending on how many

fluorescent tubes are in your light in

this particular light we have four so I

guess right now what we'll do is we will

go ahead and pull the cover so we can

see what's going on so we'll go ahead

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