Flat Iron Mistakes You May Be Making & How to Fix Them!

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alright guys we are gonna talk about the

common mistakes you might be making when

you flat iron your hair

hopefully you're making none of these

but I'm gonna go through and share a few

common things I saw when I worked behind

the chair and give you some tips and

suggestions for how to get your

smoothest straightest hair yet this is

my hair freshly blown dry one of the

first mistakes people make is not using

a heat protector on your hair either

before you blow-dry it or before you use

a heat tool today we're talking with

flat irons you have two options really

when it comes to heat protection you can

use a cream that you can put on damp

hair they also make serums and things

you can put in a dry hair but my example

here is a cream like this that you can

put on damp hair before you blow it dry