Fitbit Luxe: NOT Tracking MPH or Distance? (Bike/Run/Walk) FIXED!

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so you have a fitbit lux tracker or

watch here and you have an issue when

you're in one of the exercise options

like maybe you are um went to biking or

walking or hiking

and you notice that it doesn't track

your miles per hour like how fast you're

going your average mile per hour also

your distance

like how many miles you want so far

i'm gonna show you guys how to get you

up and running okay so this is what i

had to do okay so first thing is this so

for example

let's say i'm biking okay so let me go

to biking first let me swipe over to

left swipe over left

and then i'm going to go ahead and

exercise and i'm going to go ahead and

look for

bike tap on your exercise and then

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