My Goldfish is Turning White Color?

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I have like a list of like 40 questions

I guess I maybe I'll just choose one um

my goldfish is turning a white color

what do you think of this one she she

mmm well typically goldfish have born

dark soul like when they I say born that

when they start to develop they are dark

and coloration and obviously those to

stop probation on them and then as they

mature they get they molt their baby

colors and get their adult colors why

there's a couple other things that can

also play into factor with that is that

goldfish coloration is also

light-sensitive if that makes sense like

it responds to white environments and

like straight do you mate um not so much

a substrate because that's underneath

them and goldfish typically or pond fish

sub suddenly actually gives them all the

spectrum and gives them a lot gives me

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