Why New Aquariums Go BROWN | Fixing Brown Diatom ALGAE

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hello my friends and welcome back to a

another video in this particular video

we are going to be talking about brown

algae of course and that is something

that pretty much every fish keeper will

have encountered so if your tank has

gone brown and is looking as horrible as

this one is right now you're probably in

a little bit of a worry a little bit of

a despair as to what you've done wrong

and how can you get rid of this horrible

brown algae well I'm gonna let you know

exactly what to do in this video and why

and how this brown now he appears in

your fish tank so in terms of livestock

I've had this going with plants from day

one and then after a week I have added

some shrimps to it so this is the third

week and since doing those two things

and filling it up the aquarium has been

fine up until the last couple of days