Fire Stick TV Remote Not Working Or Pairing (Simple Fix)

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what is going on youtubers Gaber quick

review Drake and today we're going to

talk about the Amazon fire stick remote

not connecting

we're not syncing with your Amazon fire

stick down go now but your first time

visiting the channel we review check

media viral videos and of course video

games plus we have tons of how to's with

Xbox ps4 and it's on fire stick cody and

windows 10 so make sure you guys check

out some of the videos in a playlist

also if you are a Kodi power user or

looking to get add-ons to your Kodi make

sure you check out the videos into

playlists specifically for Cody I won't

put that link in the description below

but let's get right to troubleshooting

your Amazon fire TV stick so that we can

solve the connectivity issues now a lot

of other YouTube videos out there cover