FICO Score vs Credit Score vs Credit Karma (Why Are My Credit Scores So Different?)

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809 and 824

766 809 once again

789 759 and 776. why in the world do we

have so many different credit stores and

why do they vary from one to the next

this video will explain everything and

even answer the question of is the

Credit Karma score really a fake credit

score or fako score like so many people

had to call it we'll find out soon

enough here so let's begin we first have

to start with a myth and fully debunk it

and that myth is that you only have one

credit score however that is a

completely false misconception and the

reality is is that you have many credit

scores you heard that right and there

are many reasons for that too so let's

begin with the first one one of the

biggest reasons why you have so many

different credit scores is because there