Exes Liking Your Social Media Posts

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I'm coach cremini and this is my video

coaching newsletter and the topic of

today's newsletter is going to be exes

liking your social media posts I've got

an email here from a guy who broke up

with his girlfriend who really was like

somebody was kind of on again off again

over the course of about ten months and

he had is apparently there was a guy

that she worked with

that he got very jealous of and accused

her of being interested in this guy and

it basically led to the her breaking up

with him again

and so after they broke up he noticed

that she's continued to like and

interact with his post so I think was

Facebook and Twitter and like 1 o'clock

in the morning late at night one night

he noticed that she sent like 6 texts in

a row well he waited till respond the

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