The Simple Truth: My Ex is Hanging Out with My Friends

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- It's time for our Simple Truth.

This is an e-mail question from our viewer Jason.

He asked, "My ex-girlfriend is becoming friends

"with everyone in my friend group,

"and I don't know how to handle it."

Truth Team, what say you?

- We can't control who our friends become friends with,

that's number one.

We have no right to tell them,

hey, you know, don't go and be friends with my ex,

but what you can do if that happens,

and makes you uncomfortable, is number one, state facts.

Never talk bad about an ex, go to your friends and say look,

this happened, the facts are we broke up,

can you please give me the privacy

of not letting that person know what I'm doing,

who I'm dating, and where I'm going,

because two things are gonna happen.

Either they came to your friends

to find out information of what's going on in your life,

or two, they really care about the friendship.

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