Why My Ex Is Cold and Mean To Me?

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this is coach lee and i'm going to talk

to you about why the dumper acts so cold

after a breakup over the years a lot of

people have expressed their dismay their

hurt and their surprise

at this person who they thought they

knew who's now broken up with him but in

addition to that is acting coldly or

even cruelly or hateful toward them so

it's not just that this person has

broken up with them but now

they're being mean they're being hateful

and the question is why why would this

person who loved me seemingly a day ago

a week ago a month ago why would they

treat me so harshly now this even seems

more difficult to swallow because you

would think that the other person would

have some sympathy towards you that

you're going through this pain that they

can clearly see you're experiencing and