Use this Hack to Never Get Suspended on Etsy (Sell on Etsy FOREVER)

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keep on watching because once Etsy bans

you you can never ever re-sign up for

the platform the traditional way and so

keep on watching this video because it's

essential that you do watch the entire

video to really get this strategy that I

personally use myself so I will never

get banned permanently from Etsy and you

won't either remember to like subscribe

and hit that notification Bell for more

and remember to watch the entire video

to get this great method that I'm about

to share with you so now back about I

want to say at least seven years ago

when I first started to sell on Etsy

then I had an account and I was selling

items on there at a you know at a pretty

decent rate it wasn't great but I had

only about I want to say seven or eight

items I was learning how to sell and

this was right before I started print on

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