How to Stop or Change the Amazon Alexa Flashing Green Ring

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hi this short videos on how to stop the green flashing lights on your Amazon

echo or Amazon echo dots I did struggle to switch off these lights initially until

I found the solution to an online forum and I would like to share this with you

or others who have similar experience just like I did. Whenever you see green

flashing lights on your device it means you have a notification from Amazon it

could be delivery which is out or has been delivered. To switch it off just say

Alexa delivery "an order placed by Obasi on the 12th of May was delivered

containing rode wireless go" it will read out the message for you I switch off

automatically. You can turn it off completely from your Amazon Alexa app on

your phone or mobile device, you simply have to go to settings notification

Amazon shopping and finally to delivery notification. You have the option of

switching both the out for delivery or delivery.

Thank you for watching and learning please do share and like this video if

you find it useful, thank you.

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