Got Itchy, Crusty Ears? (Yuck!) - Dermatologist's Tips [2019]

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have you struggled with a really vexing

almost insatiable itch in your ear canal

and/or crusting on your ears or behind

your ears that seems to have a life of

its own hi I'm board-certified

dermatologist and skin wellness expert

dr. Cynthia Bailey and I've treated each

Inge and crusting of the ear skin for

years in my dermatology practice in fact

before I was a dermatologist my dad had

this problem once it became a

dermatologist I helped him with it

itching and crusting of the ear skin is

actually really common there are two

main conditions that cause it one is

seborrhoeic dermatitis and the second is

psoriasis the good news is you don't

actually need to know which of those

conditions you have because the

treatment is similar first I want to

tell you that in both of those