How to fix a squeaky noisy dryer

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okay this is the inside of a this is a

Maytag dryer but they were all basically

the same and this has a lot of squeaky

noise and so there's really just very

few parts that can cause the squeak and

so what you want to do is go to each one

of these wheels and spin it make sure it

spins freely so now one doesn't spin

freely so I'm gonna guess the device the

problem one then there's also this

pulley here and that's pretty stuck as

well so I might have multiple yeah

that's pretty bad that doesn't really

move at all

and then if you're in there take a look

at your belt if there's any cracks but

they do get stretched out over time this

one looks pretty good but to take off

any of those parts really gonna want a

tool like this these are retaining ring

pliers come with these bits for