Top Reasons Electric Dryer Not Heating — Dryer Troubleshooting

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repair clinic makes fixing things easy

with millions of replacement parts

available on our website and the help

you need to do the repair yourself if

your electric dryer won't heat here are

the top five most probable causes the

thermal fuse is a safety device designed

to protect the dryer from overheating

the fuse is normally located on the

blower housing although some dryer

models have an additional fuse on the

heating element if the dryer overheats

the fuse will blow and cut off the power

to the heating element you can use a

multimeter to determine if there is a

continuous electrical path present in

the part if not the fuse has blown and

will need to be replaced be aware that

the failure of the thermal fuse is often

caused by the venting system being

clogged with lint to improve air flow we