Dryer Hacks: Dryer not Drying Clothes

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hello America this was key through

further neighbor the technician coming

back at you with some more very good

information we'll call these easy dryer

hats well one of the things is airflow

through the dryer as air flows through

the dryer it allows the heat to to move


one thing we want to check is do we have

proper air flow in our dryer

okay so you know you can do this at home

any water does at home okay now what you

want to do is set your time on your

honor dryer now you gonna have to hold

there's a button that tells the door is

closed you could have to hold that now


you can see there's a light so now it

thinks my door is closed okay so I want

to hit start wallah now the way it works

is air comes in from the back goes down