How to get my dog to stop whining -Why your dog whines?

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in this video I'll explain why is it that your dog whines all the time

hello dog lovers my name is Saro I'm a dog trainer and I coach dog owners if

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dogs whine for several reasons by the way let me know in the comment area why

is it that you think your dog whines? what causes your dog to whine? when it comes to

dogs and whining there are mainly five reasons why dogs want number one reason

is stress or anxiety this is very common in dogs who are stressed and have

anxiety and they whine to let you know that there are stressed the reasons that a

dog can become stress on how anxiety has to do with many things something in

their lives may be unbalanced some changes have happened in their lives or

your life another animal another dog or another person is causing your dog to be

stressed and also it's the first signal kind of that they give before they start

barking or growling or misbehaving so this is very common in dogs if dogs are

not getting their 5 essential needs and what are those five essential need i'll

link a video that I have talked about a dog's five essential needs right here

number two reason why dogs whine is because of excitement they're probably

happy so they're whining for instance when you come home they get happy and

they want when you're getting ready to go to the park or they see you getting

ready to go to park they start whining they can't wait for something let's say

you're preparing their dinner or their treat or while they're waiting for the