Vomiting and Diarrhea in dogs

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one of the most common reasons people

bring their pets into our veterinary

clinic because of digestive upsets I'm

talking about vomiting and diarrhea

usually it's because either the owner

gave their pet something that they

probably shouldn't have given them

thinking they were being nice or the pit

may have got into something that it

shouldn't have eaten now pets love all

kinds of things but the truth is they do

best on the same thing every day as

boring as it sounds to us that's what

keeps their stomach healthy for every

junkyard dog out there with an iron gut

well there's about 300 others they can't

handle change now if that happens if you

see your dog vomiting the best thing you

can do is pick up their food and water

immediately because once the digestive

tract is upset if anything else has