What To Do If Your Dog Is Destroying Your Home - Tips From Al The Dog Trainer

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how do you everyone I'm al the dog

trainer hey thanks so very much for

watching this video so today I'm gonna

be talking about what can you do when

your Rottweiler puppy is destroying your

home mainly what do you do when your dog

is actually destroyed sheet rock in your

home I cannot imagine what that's like

but I kind of can't okay so my dogs have

actually destroyed some things in my

home over the years as I've been

learning and really here's the root

cause of it they're bored and they're

unsupervised I always tell myself and I

tell my clients don't give your dogs

more freedom than they can be

responsible for now that's sometimes

it's kind of hard to do let me just tell

you just a few things that I do and this

applies to your Rottweiler puppy or any

dog that you may be training I actually

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