Dr. Becker Discusses Why Dogs Stink

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hi this is dr. Karen Becker and today

we're going to discuss some of the more

common reasons why dogs stink some

people think that their pets should

smell like a freshly showered baby or

vanilla and of course they're not

supposed to smell like that but they're

also not supposed to stink either your

dog should have his very unique own

canine odor you should be able to bury

your nose in your dog's fur and of

course identify your dog as his own

individual dog eNOS but not an offensive

odor or a wildly stinky odor if you find

out that you bury your nose in your

likes fur and you come to hate that

smell something's wrong

a dog who is healthy properly fed and

regularly brushed and bathed at nests as

necessary for your dog should smell

unique but not offensive so if you can

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