How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing Indoors

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hey guys my name is dr. Lera here at

Heron Lakes Animal Hospital today the

main reason for the video today is to

talk about how to getting how to get

your dog from urinating inside your

house so there is a common misconception

that if you have a male dog that is

intact meaning he has his testicles and

he is urinating or marking in your house

then as soon as you neuter him that will

go ahead and eliminate the behavior that

is a farce it will reduce the chances of

him actually wanting to urinate in the

house potentially because you're

removing the testosterone which usually

drives the need and the desire to go

ahead and mark territories now the issue

is if you have a dog a male dog got a

started you're eating in the house and

it's been going on for a long time like

a year or more now you run into the