What is a canine reverse sneeze?

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do you hear what she's doing you get up

close you can see her basically this is

what we call the reverse sneeze and it

is not at all uncommon and typically it

is a little scary to people the first

time they hear their dog do it or see

their dog do it and they really think

that oh my god

my dog is having some kind of a fit or a

seizure and they can't breathe and the

fact of the matter is it's a spasm and

it's a lot like you're I getting a

sneeze but it's actually what we call a

reverse sneeze or instead of it's like

that they're going and no it's a little

uncomfortable it really does not harm

them anyway and there's a couple of

things that can cause this it can be a

result of this tiny little bug crawling

around in their nasal cavity you write

disgusting or it can be a result of