Why Do Pets Itch and Lick Themselves so Often?

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all right time now for better pets today

back to question why do pets lick

themselves and its themselves so much

dr. Andrea Denis of the Bloomfield

Animal Hospital is the veterinarian with

the answers hey Doc how are you I'm

terrific okay every time I look at my

cat well cats sometimes it's hard to

differentiate you'd like to take baths

all day they do clean themselves but you

can usually figure out when it's

excessive especially when there's little

bald spots on their backs or even on

their belly it's a very common for cats

that have allergies too like have no

hair on their abdomen okay and that's

that's abnormal so then when you get to

that point you know that needs to be

seen but it that is our job to sort of

differentiate what's normal licking

after they go to the bathroom use a lip

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