How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain (21 secret signs of pain in dogs)

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how can you tell if your dog is in pain well in this video I'll go through 21

main signs of pain in dogs that you can look out for to make sure your dog is

not suffering unnoticed and unnecessary pain hi I'm dr. Alex from

helping you and your dog to live a healthier happier life and today I want

to take you through my checklist for the signs of pain in dogs if your dog is

showing any of the signs of pain I mentioned today then there is a good

chance that they're not as comfortable and as happy as they could be and so a

trip to the vet to find out what is wrong would definitely be in order I've

also got this dog pain symptom checklist to download as part of my free arthritis

mini course which you can join by following the link down in the

description below also make sure you subscribe if this is something that

you're really interested in so let's get started so we can break these 21 pain

symptoms down into four main groups and the first group is mobility and the

first symptom here is limping or carrying their leg clearly if your leg

hurts then you limp on it or even with our dogs with four legs they can

completely take that leg off the ground and just carry it and go three-legged so

any dog who is limping any dog who's carrying a leg is definitely in pain

next up we have stiffness so a stiff dog is definitely a painful dog all too

often unfortunately I hear especially in my older patients that you know the

stiffness is not due to pain that they're just getting old and this really

couldn't be further from the truth stiffness is definitely a sign of pain