Why do Dogs get Zoomies? || Scientific reason behind zoomies ll Monkoodog

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why do dogs get zoomies you must have

caught your dog chasing ghosts in your

yard or circling at very top speed like

a maniac in your lounge room well first

of all there is no ghost in your yard at

all it is a simple case of dog Zooey's

zoomies our natural behavior which is

known as frenetic random activity period

aka traps where a dog bursts out all of

its energy like a volcano zoomies can be

identified as running in circles

spinning at one spot or taking a lap

around the yard so whenever your dog is

full of energy you can expect it's time

for jimmy's zoomies can be seen at any

age and in any dog breed but the cases

are often seen in young dogs as old dogs

tend to have very little energy compared

to young dogs so you'll see the zoomies

cases most in young dogs instead of

laughing at your dog going wild have you

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