Everything you Need to Know About Canine Warts

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I'm dr. Karen Becker and today we're

going to discuss works the medical term

for warts is papillomas because the

papilloma virus which are a group of DNA

viruses are responsible for the

cauliflower looking skin and mouth

lesions that occur on dogs

the viruses affect three types of dogs

young dogs who tend to develop outbreaks

of oral papilloma ptosis

immunosuppressed dogs especially dogs

who have been on corticosteroids like

prednisone but actually any drug that

suppresses the immune system may

encourage the papilloma virus to flare

up and last but not least older dogs who

oftentimes develop warts as they age in

veterinary medicine we assume all dogs

are exposed to papilloma viruses but

these opportunistic viruses tend to

cause warts only in dogs with immune