Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop: and how to STOP it!

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why does your dog eat their own poop now it might seem like a mystery but in this

video we're not only going to discuss why but we're gonna discuss how you can

stop your dog eating their own poop I

Hi, I'm Dr Alex from our pets health helping you and your pet to live a

healthier happier life and in this video we're going to discuss this really

disgusting habit so it's actually quite common and that problem is dogs eating

their own poop now it might be a complete mystery to you and you might

have tried a number of strategies to try and stop your dog doing this but

thankfully there are a couple of reasons that we think that dogs eat their own

stools and there are some great strategies that we can use so in this

video I'd like to introduce you to Jason Smith from Petco professional pet care

and he's going to talk to you all about why dogs eat their own poop and how you

can stop your dog eating their own poop so without further ado is over to Jason

hi folks Jason Smith here from pet Corps professional pet care thank you dr.

Avery for this opportunity to talk to your audience today you know for over 11

years I've been helping people improve life for their families and pets pet

core does this with our dog waste removal service and Pet Sitting service

today I'm here to talk to you about Co profit

now coprophagia is a fancy word for a very disgusting habit that many dogs

have eating their stool as disgusting as it may seem

copra Aegeus seldom does any harm to your dog's but what causes it there are