Dehumidifier Freezing Up Fix

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hey guys thanks for tuning in in this

video I'm gonna be showing you why your

dehumidifier might be icing up the first

reason is that room temperature where

you have your dehumidifier for example

if you have it in a cold room in a

basement even 15 16 degrees the coils in

the back will ice up so these are the

coils and talking about here because

your ears flowing through this way

through the filter and over the over

these coils and sometimes these coils

use ice up so if your room is like below

16 even 17 degrees it might ice up that

could be one of the problems so another

one of the problems might be just dirt

inside your dehumidifier I've already

taken all the screws off of this one and

the knob here so I'm just going to take

this off we'll have a look inside and as

you can see there's a lot of dirt and

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