Why Is My Daughter's Hair Falling Out? | This Morning

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right we've got Claire on the line next

hi Claire hi you're calling up on behalf

of your daughter she's 10 and her hands

falling out is it yeah I just noticed

their last couple of months that it

seems to be shredding quite a lot I've

never noticed that with her before she

I've got lungs they curly her so it's

not visibly noticeable anywhere in a

minute but I am a bit concerned about

the amount that seems to be be coming

out all right and also Claire's this

will go.we on a Charlie Oh be earlier is

having generalized hair loss and there's

lots of potential reasons for this it

can happen if you've got any skin

conditions like eczema psoriasis or

scalp infections and condition we call

tinea if you've got nutritional

deficiency so iron problems or if you've

got a hormonal problem

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