How to correct watery custard using Birds custard powder| 2 methods using boiled hot water

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hi guys welcome to my channel welcome to

second son it's me again G welcome so

for today's video I will be showing you

how I correct

whatchu custard or how you could make or

correct or three custard using custard

powder the brand amusing once again is

bird's eye custard powder so the bowler

added one tablespoon of custard powder

and to eat I added about 1/2 if not 2

tablespoons of water so for this method

I call it the cement method because this

reminds me of the mixture of cement and

how thick is a tile so that's why I call

this method

this man's method so very much is as a

very very big custard mixed dissolved so

the first instance while you dissolve

the custard is a stick as that if you

notice you can hardly scrape it off the

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