Windows 10: How To Change Mouse Pointer/Cursor Size

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hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here of another quick tutorial

today I'm going to be showing how to

adjust your mouse pointer size in

Windows 10 now this feature has been

around in Windows for a very long time

however there is a slightly different

way to do it in Windows 10 and that is

the method we will be exploring today so

what we want to do is head over to our

Start menu left click on settings in

settings window left click on ease of

access on the left side here we have all

these options left click on mouse and

then we can see our top option here is

pointer size so right now we are on the

far left selection meaning we have the

smallest or standard pointer size if you

want to increase it we can slide the

second option in the middle which will

give us a medium-sized cursor or we go

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