Why Is Your Crush Avoiding You

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the truth is they may not be your

crushed why is your crush avoiding you

they may not be your crush they may not

like you the way you like them okay so

maybe you guys talked or maybe your

crush smiled at you the other day and

you thought whew my crush likes me just

the way I like them but you think about

it when you like someone you're gonna

project so much the littlest thing that

they do a smile a look a touch a comment

and you can totally misconstrue that and

blow it up something more than it really

is so while you're thinking why is my

crush avoiding me also realize that your

crush probably doesn't see you the way

you see them and just because the other

day they may have talked to you or smile

that you are looked in your direction

doesn't necessarily mean that they like

you the way you like them this is where

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