How to Clean & Peel Crawfish Tails

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so now we're going to demonstrate how to

clean and peel a crawfish tail for


and these have already been cooked and a

good thing to look for on crawfish is

that the tails have actually curled

under after they've been boiled

which means that they were actually

alive when they were boiled if the tail

was straight out like this

we don't want to eat those because that

crawfish was dead before it was boiled

so we're going to separate the tail from

the head so we're just going to peel off

the top part of the head and the tail

comes off just like so

and then what we want to do is just take

the first couple of rings off

of the tail this way then we're going to

pinch the base of the tail

and gently pull on the meat and that

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