Homeowner Ruins Fresh Poured Concrete Driveway!

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hi david o'dell here with odell complete

concrete this is part two

of a two-part series so this is going to

be the end of this one the first one we

just showed the garage floor being

replaced now we're going to do the

entire driveway remove and replace

widen it

it's going to be a lot lot better area a

lot better use of space here

plus we did we found out in the first

video that we have we only have two

inches of slope from the garage floor to

the city sidewalk which isn't enough in

65 feet

so that's why the garage was flooding

you know before we got here

now what we're going to do is we're

going to put some drains and we're going

to drill through that curved face at the

bottom of the flow line which picks up