How to Fix Startup Issues and Slow Boot Time | PC Maintenance

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Nobody likes slow startup times.

Let's talk to Wes about some of the symptoms

and sources of slow startup times. Common!

Hey, Wes.

Hey, Zach.

Can we talk about the symptoms

and the sources of slow startup times?

Sure, sounds like a good conversation.

I’m guessing that one of the symptoms is, it's slow.

That really is.

That really is the main symptom.

You know, is that when you push power on the computer,

your Windows machine boots up,

but it just seems to take a long time.

And in today's day and age,

if you don't have mechanical drives,

if you have solid-state drives,

that boot process should be fairly fast.

And if it's not, that's a tell-tale sign

that we've got something going on with the start-up.

That spinning cheerio of death here.