How to Zoom Out on a Computer Desktop : Basic Computer Operations

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hey my name's Zack there's a couple

different ways that you can zoom out on

your desktop to give it that bigger

display now the first thing you need to

ask yourself is how big is your display

and what's the optimum resolution the

larger the resolution the smaller the

image is gonna be so I'm actually not in

my optimum resolution right now and it

looks a little bit zoomed what I can do

first is right-click go to screen

resolution and I can go to resolution

here now there are actually two higher

resolutions I could select 1360 by 768

or I could go to the highest resolution

which is 1366 by 768 and close out of

this just by clicking the window and hit


we're gonna go to keep changes and it's

made my desktop a little bit smaller now

we'll hit OK and now what we can do to