How to fix a stretched/squished screen/desktop (Resolution)

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hello youtube this is PSP some accent

before I start this video I would just

like to personally thank you for all my

viewers and subscribers to my PSP slim

hacks channel it's been great and sorry

I haven't posted in a while because I've

been working school and other

responsibilities I need to take care of

but yeah don't worry I'm still alive I'm

still making videos computer related

tutorial videos so yeah and today's

video is going to be about how to fix us

stretch squished out of a resolution

screen what I mean by stretching and um

squish is that right here is squish and

then like stretched out I'm just using

simple terms for those people that don't

know how to describe it when they're

putting it in the search bar on YouTube

to our figure out their answer in

reality for an IT guy is going to be all