How to Clear a Blurry Screen & Return to Sharp Contrast : Computer Skills & Functions

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hi my name is Luke and this is how to

clear a blurry screen and return to

sharp contrast if you've noticed over

time that your monitor or the things

that your monitors displaying have

become blurry the first thing you might

want to do is clean your monitor with a

cloth if this is not the problem then

what you're going to want to do is

change the display settings right click

on your desktop go to screen resolution

first make sure the screen resolution is

set properly you want to set it to the

highest resolution possible so that the

images are crisp and clear and not

blurry if this doesn't fix the problem

click on advanced settings next at the

top click on color management and then

click color management here under the

tab saying advanced click calibrate

display this will walk you through a

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