What is CO2 Narcosis? (Hypercapnia): Causes and Pathophysiology

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gas exchange is a complex process

to support the absorption of oxygen and

release of carbon dioxide about five to

eight liters of air per minute are

brought in and out of the lungs

and about three tenths of a liter of

oxygen is transferred from the alveoli

to the blood each minute even when the

person is at rest

at the same time a similar volume of

carbon dioxide moves from the blood to

the alveoli and is exhaled

when there is tachypnea a condition in

which patients breathe at a faster rate

usually in case of respiratory distress

and impairment of respiratory system due

to other causes even more air pumps in

sometimes even more than 100 liters

due to compromised function of lungs in

copd or other respiratory disorders the

co2 washout will be slower and hence

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