Charger port not working? This tip could help!

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in a perfect world every time you plug

your charger cable into your phone or

your tablet it should instantly start

charging but what do you do if when you

plug it in it doesn't start charging or

when you wiggle it around it starts

buzzing and starts connecting and

disconnecting well in this video I'm

going to show you one simple little tip

that might actually get your phone back

up and running let's go and what is that

tip it involves these yes toothpicks

we're going to use toothpicks to clean

out the Lightning port but this works

for USB C ports or USB micro or mini or

any other port that you may have and

even your headphone jack and there's

another video I'll link up the top and

in the description about your headphone

jack and how to clean that out but for

now let's grab a toothpick and see if we