Pet Care : Why Your Cat Won't Use the Litter Box

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hi I'm dr. Marcia Martin and we're here

at safe harbor Animal Rescue in Jupiter


and today we're gonna talk about why my

cat won't use the litter box

how soiling is one of the primary

reasons people bring their cat to the

vet and it can be extremely frustrating

to deal with so the first thing that we

start with when we have a cat that's how

soiling is we look for a medical reason

for him not to be using the litter box

is is there a urinary tract infection

does he have kidney disease

hyperthyroidism any sort of underlying

medical condition that would make him

not want to use the litter box we

checked that first after that we look at

litter box habits

where are your litter boxes in the house

or they convenient to the cat can he

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