Why Do Cats Lick You? Is it Obsession or Affection?

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okay so our next question comes from

Hunter and her incredibly cute orange

tabby spud hello everyone this is spud

and he has a little bit of an obsession

with licking fingers every night he'll

get into the bed and just get on top of

me and just lick my fingers is there

something that this means why does he do

this he does it all the time well hunter

as adorable as that is I could tell you

I know that it can be really annoying

now there's a couple of things that

could be going on here the first thing I

always want to do is make sure that I'm

covering the physical basis on this

thing there could be something about

hunter where he is not getting either an

assault and a hydration something like

that where his body is calling out for

something and he's getting it by licking

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