What Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You

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what your exhaust smoke is trying to

tell you we've all been there you catch

a glimpse of smoke circling in your

rear-view mirror and you instantly panic

but not all exhaust smoke is bad so

let's take a look at the combinations of

visible emissions from your exhaust and

what they mean black smoke the darker

smoke emitted from the exhaust is

generally nothing to worry about and is

linked with the balance of combustion

controlled by the ECU a darker visible

exhaust gas is due to an overly rich

fuel mixture created when the air fuel

ratio descends below the optimum ratio

the spark @ ignition can only combust a

certain amount of fuel in a cycle so

unburned fuel is pushed out into the

exhaust system and it's combusted

downstream of its intended combustion

chamber these conditions can be caused