How to Fix a Car that Creaks in the Back (Sway Bar Bushings)

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one, two, three, four!

Rev up your engines!

It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel

if your car is creaking in the back while you drive down the road, then

today's your lucky day because I'm going to show you how to fix creaks in the

back of your car, now the first thing you want to do on a hot day like today is

turn a fan on so you don't sweat to death, then get a jack and jack the back up

and keep jacking until both wheels come off the ground, then the first thing to

check is the wheel, pull on it back and forth and see if it

has any play to see if the wheel bearing is worn-out, in this case there's

no play, so let's pull off the wheel and look inside, so I'll take it off and look

inside, then we'll pull on the exhaust system

well rattle it back and forth, well nothing's clunking there so that's okay

well now we'll get a little flashlight and we'll check all the rubber bushings

to see if any of them are cracked, and man there's a lot of bushings, there's one

here, down there, another one over here, and some more down here on the arm and

there's another bushing on the inside here, and then further up another one up

here, it can sure be a pain checking them all, but it's the only way you're going to

find what's creaking, you have to be patient, just keep looking around until you find

something wrong and here it is, a sway bar bushing that's come loose and needs

replacing, so we'll just unbolt it, and then take