Boiling car battery

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hey what's up YouTube so some of you

might know I don't know if you know or

not but I've been working at an auto

parts store now for a few months and I

like the job a lot and seems like I'm

learning something new every 15 minutes

because it's not just Honda's I'm

working on to get all kinds old stuff

and I don't know much about American

cars but anyways so I start thinking you

know when I see something pretty cool

that I learned how to make a video share

it so I learned a lot of weird stuff a

lot of parts where world that you know

it's not really exciting we're sharing

but every once I learned something tip

or something that's kind of neat in it

so I'm going to try start making videos

showing those tips as they learn them so

today I want to focus in on car battery

here and I want to show you something

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