Fix Tight Calves! [Best Stretches For Tight Calf Muscles]

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what's up guys dr jared here and these

are six of my favorite exercises that

are going to help you to eliminate

tightness and pain right back here in

these calf muscles so whether it was

from trying a new activity recently or

increasing intensity in an activity that

you're used to these are going to help

you out those are two of the most common

reasons why people come in to see me

with tightness with pain in their calves

and so i hope the things that i share

help you out because here's the thing by

itself tightness pain in your calves

yeah it's annoying but what we really

want to do is prevent future injury from

happening the most common injuries that

you're going to develop from this calf

tightness and pain are going to be

achilles tendinitis and plantar

fasciitis so we definitely don't want it